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I’m Theo Gibb and I specialise in offering a first class repair and tuning service for melodeons and concertinas. I offer a complete service including tuning and repairs of working instruments, and complete rebuilds of older instruments. I don’t work on piano accordions.

I am a melodeon player and play in ceilidh bands in the Northeast of England. I was a founder member of the Angels of the North and played with them until 2006. I now play with Sunniside Up! Ceilidh Band inspired by the great dance music tradition of Northumberland. (Sunniside is a place near my home).

I hope that my playing experience enables me to understand what you as a potential customer want from your instrument, and that my repair and tuning skill enable me to meet your expectations.


I usually have a few restored melodeons, piano accordions and the occasional concertina for sale which you can see in the Boxshop. I also have a large number of older instruments awaiting restoration, these are mainly pre-WW2 Hohner Club and two-row models, and English and Anglo concertinas. An expression of interest will bring any of these instruments nearer to the front of the queue for restoration. Please get in touch to discuss what you might be interested in.


Callers are welcome, by appointment, or you can phone me on +44 (0)191 488 8832. You can also contact me by email.