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Repair and Tuning

I provide a repair and tuning service for melodeons and concertinas.

The construction of a concertina is radically different from the larger squeezeboxes. Tuning and repair therefore require a very different approach. In particular certain concertina parts, especially reeds, are not readily available as spare parts and so require especial care.

Examples of the type of work I undertake:

  • fixing air leaks, lifted keys, stuck buttons, notes that don’t sound right
  • reed work such as replacing broken reeds, new valves
  • structural woodwork repairs, repairing damaged veneer and refinishing
  • key conversions eg C/F to D/G etc
  • converting bass buttons on old Hohner B/C boxes to useful chords
  • tuning to your individual requirement, wet, swing, dry, musette, equal temperament, historic tunings etc
  • bellows – missing corners, worn edges, leaking gaskets, custom made bellows
  • straps custom made, or factory made from Hohner or Italian makers
  • concertina pads, valves, bushings, tuning
  • concertina bellows repairs, new bellows
  • concertina re-pitching to A=440
  • total restorations

And anything else that may be needed to put your instrument into good playing order.

All repair work is guaranteed for 1 year.

Instruments for repair can be sent by post. Please contact me first by email, phone or letter to discuss what you need. For melodeon tuning work its often not necessary to send the whole instrument, it may be possible to send just the reedblocks.