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Melodeon Repairs and Tuning

I probably spend more time working on melodeons than on other types of instrument, and most of that time is spent on renovating old instruments. The renovation process typically includes some or all of these processes:

  • cleaning
  • reed overhaul
  • tuning
  • bellows repair or replacement
  • new bellows gaskets
  • replacing broken springs
  • refacing treble and bass pallets
  • bushing bass buttons
  • regulating Hohner action so treble buttons don’t “disappear down the holes”
  • replacing damaged or corroded key axle rods
  • replacing missing buttons
  • repairing damaged woodwork, including cracked reedblocks
  • fitting new straps and strap brackets

I can also offer a service to convert from one tuning system to another. For example I convert many pre WW2 Hohners to D/G to give them a new life for the English market, or to other tunings as required. In recent years these older Hohners have grown in popularty, particularly the miniature Liliput and Preciosa models, and also the wood bodied Club II model, also often badged Erika. The ClubII/Erika  is a little larger than a modern Hohner Erica or Pokerwork, but with an extra treble row of 4 buttons providing accidentals, which makes a much more versatile instrument than a standard two-row, but with very little extra weight or bulk.